Surf Dakar - Senegal 21. Jan - 29. Feb. 2008

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N´Gor right 11. Feb - Rider - "Jesper M"

N´Gor right 12. Feb - Photograf "Ø" Rider - "Jesper M"

Vivier right 14. Feb - Photograf "Ø" - Rider "Jesper M"

Club Med 16. Feb - Photograf "Yasmine Sweetlove" - Rider "Jesper M"

Some great days at the surfcamp. Big swell came in Mike Losness, Sam Hammer and Jesse Hines where "working" very hard. Must say, world class surfing guys. Plesure to watch and surf with you. I really hade a great time with you at the surfcamp. Most of all thanks to Brian Nevins who entertained every one at the surfcam and learned me a lot about taking photos. Hope to see you guys in Denmark one day, you are very welcome. Brian hope to ride some powder in Austria one day:-)

Philippe´s - 21 Jan. 2008

Baie des Carpes - 21. Jan 2008 - N´Gor Island in the background

Loic left - 22 Jan 2008

The Famous N´Gor Right 23 Jan. 2008

ZillertalGiv din gamle mobil til Afrika og se modtageren

Nice LUX - Kitesurfing to the max

Gosurf riding rail in Herning

Tjek vejrdata på mobilen via dette link

ZillertalDagbog og pix fra min tur til Senegal i 2006